Deadline: August 1 Before Year Five

All students must be in candidacy and have an approved dissertation committee no later than August 1 before their fifth year of study.

Programs may set earlier deadlines. Always check your program’s policies about student progress to make sure you are meeting the deadlines that apply to you.

LGS Handbook

Our Handbook is the authoritative statement of policies and requirements.

LGS Handbook

Candidacy status is an indication that a doctoral student has developed sufficient mastery of a discipline to produce an original research contribution in his or her field.

Students do not enter into candidacy until an Application for Admission to Candidacy has been approved by the Laney Graduate School.  Candidacy forms should be submitted as soon as all requirements are met.  Students who are not in candidacy by the graduate school deadline will not receive stipend funds until the situation has been resolved.  In addition, students who are not in candidacy are ineligible for the Laney Graduate School's fellowships for advanced students.

Students who have had approved leaves of absence during their first four years will have the candidacy deadline moved back by the length of their leaves (e.g., a student who had a one semester leave of absence must be in candidacy by January 1 during their fifth year, etc.). If you are in doubt about your deadline, contact Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Mary Horton.

For more details about candidacy, and for information about credit hour requirements for candidacy, consult the Laney Graduate School Handbook, Academic Affairs, section 1.1.1.

LGS Student Action Online Form 

To submit a form, you will need a signed signature form.  Read the instructions.

Student Action Online Form

How to apply for candidacy:

  • Complete the LGS Candidacy Signature Form, and obtain the required signature.
  • Generate a transcript from OPUS.   
  • Scan the signed form.
  • Complete and submit the LGS student action online form.  You'll be asked to upload the signed signature form and the transcript.
  • You'll receive a confirmation email when you submit the form, and your program administrator will receive a copy.
  • LGS will process your request, and let you know when the process is complete.
  • You will be considered "in candidacy" when LGS has signed off on your candidacy application.  Once that is complete, candidacy will appear on your transcript, as a milestone.