Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some questions we are often asked, divided into two categories -- one for general questions about the admissions policies and requirements, and one for specific questions about the application process (scroll down).

If you are an international student, be sure to read our International Applicants page

General Questions

1. Does the Laney Graduate School offer counseling services to assist applicants in choosing which program will best suit my academic needs and research interests?
Please contact the programs you may be interested in, and discuss with them what your interests are and how those interests may fit within the program structure. See our Degree Programs page.

2. Does Emory offer campus tours?
If you are considering graduate study in one of our programs, we encourage you to visit our campus and experience Emory and its facilities firsthand. While the Laney Graduate School does not offer organized visits to campus, you may contact the program you are interested in to arrange a visit.

To help you get a feel for Emory before your visit, you might visit Emory's About Emory pages, which include a slideshow of campus images.

3. What is the application deadline?
Deadlines vary by program, and dates range from early December until mid January.  Some master's program have later deadlines.  Check with the program you are interested in to verify current application deadlines.

4. When can I expect a decision on my application?
The Council of Graduate Schools recommends that offers of financial support be made by April 15. You can expect to hear from programs before this date.

5. Can I apply to more than one program?
Yes. You must submit separate applications to each program and pay a non-refundable $75 application fee for each application. 

6. Can I start graduate school in spring or summer semester, or must I start in the fall?
With one exception, programs admit students for fall semester only. The Master's program in Computer Science admits students in fall and spring semesters. 

7. Must I take the GRE?
Yes, the Laney Graduate School requires scores from the GRE General Test for admission. Scores must be no more than five years old. Applicants to the PhD program in Business may submit GMAT scores instead of GRE scores.  

8. What is the minimum GRE score?
There is no minimum score.  Your scores should be competitive with others applying to your program of interest.

In general, no single aspect of an application, including GRE scores, determines how the application as a whole is evaluated, so low scores can be outweighed by strengths in other aspects of an application.  For more information, contact the program you are interested in applying to.

9. What is the Emory code for the GRE, GMAT and TOEFL?
5187. No department codes are needed.

10. If a program offers a PhD, can I apply to study for a master’s degree only?
You can apply to study for a master’s degree only in programs that offer this as a distinct degree path.  These programs are bioethics, clinical research, computer science, development practice, environmental science, film and media studies, and mathematics. All other programs are PhD programs and do not admit students for terminal master's work.

11. Can I earn a second bachelor's degree at Emory?
No. If you already have a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), you may enroll in the Laney Graduate School as a student in special standing and take undergraduate and graduate classes without obtaining another degree. Visit our Non-Degree Students page.

12. Do I need a master's degree before applying to a Ph.D. program?
The only programs that require master’s degrees before admission are Behavioral Sciences and Health Education and the Graduate Division of Religion.  Other programs may recommend that applicants have a master’s degree or some other relevant education or experience.  For information about this, visit the website of the program you are interested in applying to.

13. Can I enroll in more than one school at Emory?
No. Emory students may not establish residence in more than one school of the university at the same time.

14. What options are available for people who only want to take classes and not apply them toward a degree?
Applicants not interested in pursuing a degree at Emory may apply for admission in special standing. The graduate admissions office processes these applications; for more information, visit our Non-Degree Students page. Individuals wishing to take courses in the School of Nursing, Rollins School of Public Health, or Goizueta Business School should contact these schools directly.

15. What does it cost to attend Emory?
Information about costs is on our Tuition and Fees page.  The Laney Graduate School offers tuition scholarships and stipend support to most doctoral students, and in some cases offers partial tuition scholarships to master’s students. For more information, visit our Financial Assistance Overview page.

16. What is the cost of auditing a class?
The tuition is the same whether you are auditing a class or taking it for a grade.

17.  Can I transfer credits for graduate work I've done at another university?
Yes, to a limited degree. If that coursework was not applied towards a degree, you may be able to transfer up to 9 semester hours of course credit to count towards your degree at Emory. In rare cases, you may be able to transfer more than 9 credits, but in no case will more than 18 total hours be transferred.  Transfer credits must be approved by the Laney Graduate School with strong support from the program.  

18. If I am admitted, can I defer admission?
Requests for deferrals should be made to the program you have been admitted to.  The program may grant a request for deferral of admission for up to one year. 

19.  Does the Laney Graduate School offer conditional admission?

Application Process Questions

1. How much is the application fee?
$75 US.  

2. May I request a fee waiver?
Yes. The admissions office may waive the application fee for applicants who demonstrate financial need. Applicants receiving substantial financial aid at their undergraduate institution, for example, may ask their financial aid officer to write a letter to the graduate school confirming the extent of financial aid. To request a waiver of the fee, contact Director of Diversity, Community and Recruitment Damon Williams ( before you submit your application.

3. Should I wait until I have my official test scores before submitting my application?
No.  Complete the online application at your earliest convenience.  When we receive your scores, we will match them with your application.

4. Do I need to submit non-degree transcripts?
Yes. Admissions committees consider your complete academic record. 

5. If my undergraduate degree is from Emory, do I need to request a transcript from Emory?
Yes. You will need to upload one as part of your online application.  (If you are offered admission and accept, you will not need to submit an official copy, since we are able to verify the one you uploaded.)

6. If I participated in an exchange program while an undergraduate, do I have to request that transcript?
If you took some courses at a university as part of an exchange, like a study abroad program, and those course credits (course name, credit hours, and grade) are reflected on the transcript that includes your degree, then you do not need to submit a separate transcript from the university where you studied as part of an exchange. If you list that exchange experience as a separate educational experience on your application, you will need to upload either a separate transcript or a note explaining to us that the credits are included in another transcript. 

7. If I am a non-degree seeking applicant, do I need to submit transcripts?
Yes, all new students must submit official transcripts to verify the educational credentials on your application for admission. 

8. How should I submit my transcripts in the application?
Scan and upload them through the online application. Unofficial transcripts issued by the Registrar to you (the student) are acceptable. However, we will not accept print-outs from a student information system.

You are required to submit one transcript from each post-secondary institution attended, present school included. International transcripts must be translated and notarized.  

Please do not mail paper transcripts unless your program specifically asks for them.  If you are admitted and decide to attend Emory, then you will need to submit official (paper) copies of your transcripts before you can enroll. But for your application, the scanned, unofficial versions are all that's needed.

9. Does the recommendation letter have to be on the Emory form?
We encourage the use of the online recommendation system. If a recommender is unable to use this system, contact the program you are applying to for instructions.

10. Can I make changes to my application after I have submitted it?
No. Contact the graduate program to which you are applying for advice.

11. Can I reactivate my application from last year?
No. Applicants who wish to reapply must submit a new application, application fee, and supporting credentials.

Need Help?

Technical issues with the application: Email CollegeNet at

Questions about program requirements: It is often best to contact the program you are applying to directly.  Use our Degree Programs page to find contact information.

General inquiries: If you do need to reach the Laney Graduate School, we are at