Fee Waiver for Financial Hardship

We offer a limited number of fee waivers for applicants on the grounds of financial hardship.


To qualify for this waiver, we expect you to fit the U.S Department of Education definition of “low income." Click here to view federal levels.


To apply for this waiver, complete the form at this link

You will be asked to upload documentation to support your claim of financial hardship. This documentation could include:

  • A letter or memo from the financial aid office of your current school (or the one from which you graduated within the last year), confirming that you received need-based financial aid;
  • A letter from ETS showing that your received a GRE Fee Reduction; or
  • Documentation from a state unemployment agency verifying that you are currently unemployed.

Note: do not upload documentation that show sensitive or confidential personal information, such as social security numbers, your phone number, or other sensitive items.  

Don't Wait Until the Last Minute!

The review and approval process will take 10 business days, so apply in plenty of time before the application deadline of the program you intend to apply to.



This is the best way to reach us: this address is monitored by several staff members, and we'll be able to respond quickly.