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Percentages are rounded to whole numbers and do not always add to 100.

This page contains aggregate data for the eight GDBBS programs. Program-by-program data follows on separate pages. During part of the period reflected in this data, the Nutrition and Health Sciences (NHS) PhD program was part of the GDBBS, and consequently data from that program is sometimes included in this aggregation. In effect, this means that data in the 5 Year Average column includes NHS students for two of its years in Admission (Fall 2014 Ð Fall 2015), one year in Enrollment (Fall 2014), and two years in Degrees (2013-14 & 2014-15). Since September 2015, NHS is no longer part of the GDBBS, and its data page is no longer shown as one of the GDBBS programs.

MD/PhD students are excluded from the Admissions entries, included in the enrollment entries (when they are enrolled in the LGS, as opposed to in the SOM), included in the number of degrees awarded (PhD only), and excluded from the time to degree and completion percentage entries.

PhD Program Data

Fall 2018

Fall 2017

5 Year Average

PhD Admissions

Number of applications 1,274 1,208 1,243
Number of admissions offers (Selectivity) 170 (13%) 154 (13%) 153 (12%)
Number of new doctoral students (Yield) 76 (45%) 73 (47%) 67 (44%)

PhD Enrollment

Total enrollment 404 403 404
Female 63% 63% 63%
Male 37% 37% 37%
International 11% 10% 10%
U.S. citizen or permanent resident 89% 90% 90%

PhD Enrollment, U.S. Citizen or
Permanent Resident, by Race

Black or African American 10% 11% 10%
Asian 8% 9% 8%
Hispanic of any race 11% 11% 9%
American Indian or Alaska Native
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
White 60% 59% 60%
Two or more races 6% 4% 4%
Not indicated 4% 6% 10%

PhD Degrees



5 Year Average

Number of degrees awarded 73 67 70
Median years to PhD 5.7 5.7 5.7
Average adjusted years to PhD 5.8 5.7 5.9
Percent of students who entered between
2005-06 and 2009-10, and completed
the PhD as of August 31, 2018

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