Admissions Processes and Systems

Applications are managed through the CollegeNET Admit system

  • Reach the system at this url:
  • To create a user account for Admit, or to resolve problems with an existing account, contact Tammy Coleman.
  • The link above works in a complicated way (it refers you to a page on Emory's servers). If you save it as a favorite or bookmark, it will not function properly.
  • If you're interested in the complicated details, read this: Linking to Admit 

We will teach you how to use the Admit system 

  • Your main contact is Tammy Coleman:, or 7-0690
  • Tammy conducts standing training session on Thursdays at 1 pm, online. You need no special software to join. We add a new component to the session each week and we can review last week or any of the prior weeks.
  • We’re recording some of those sessions, and also have documents with screenshots.
  • Tammy will conduct online or in-person sessions aimed specifically at your situation and concerns.
  • The Admit system contains online tutorials: log in to the Admit, click on your name in the uper right hand corner, and chose "Help" on the drop-down menu. The next page has links to online tutorials and documentation.
  • CollegeNET has their own helpline: or 503-973-5213.  If possible, we recommend you contact Tammy first.

The Admit system allows for considerable customization to reflect the admissions processes used in different programs.  We will help you customize -- contact Tammy.

Three useful documents:

  • LGS Admissions 101: an overview of admissions, including a timeline.  An updated version is posted in September each year.
  • Retrieving GRE and TOEFL Scores: a new way of obtaining official GRE and TOEFL scores directly from the ETS website.
  • Special Funding Form: you may need this if you are offering admission to an applicant who comes with his or her own funding (like Fulbright)