Emory and Atlanta

The Laney Graduate School is one of seven schools at Emory University, a world-class research university located in the dynamic and growing city of Atlanta, Georgia. We encourage you to explore both Emory and Atlanta!

Exploring Emory

Campus and virtual tours: There are numerous tours of our main campus, and we invite you take also take a virtual tour of Emory.

Annual events and research opportunities: Listed below are a few opportunities that might be of interest you. Want to learn more? Contact Amanda Marie James.

  • STEM Research and Career Symposium - Convened and organized by Laney Graduate School, the STEM Research and Career Symposium brings faculty advisors and their students from diverse backgrounds to the Emory campus for two days of shared research presentations and for networking, mentoring, and recruitment. 
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (or SURE) is a nationally recognized program with a 25-year record of training undergraduates in cutting-edge science research. During the ten-week summer program, SURE Fellows conduct full-time research, mentored by their lab Principal Investigator (PI) and team of postdocs, technicians, graduate students, and other undergraduates. 
  • Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory (SIRE) - Fellows are a vital component to the SIRE undergraduate research program. The fellows are selected from diverse graduate programs from all disciplines, and they work together to support the undergraduate students in the Research Partner Program
  • National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NSF-REU) Program - Each year, undergraduate chemistry majors at Emory apply for NSF-REU Program Fellowships. These programs are very similar to the Emory SURE program described above, but they are funded by the National Science Foundation. Emory undergraduate students have conducted REU fellowships at a variety of NSF-REU partner institutions..

About Atlanta

Growing and thriving. Atlanta is a vibrant international city, which is also the ninth largest U.S. metropolitan area. Atlanta is home to Georgia's state government, regional centers of the U.S. government, and numerous corporations and organizations, like the American Cancer Society, CARE International, CNN, and Coca-Cola. Atlanta is also home to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which provides ready global access.

Atlanta is also an historical center of African-American culture and politics, home to the legacy of perhaps the most transformative social movement in 20th century United States, the Civil Rights Movement. A recent - and major - addition to the city of Atlanta is the Center for Civil and Human Rights, which connects the American Civil Rights Movement to today's Global Human Rights Movements.

Affordable and vibrant. Atlanta is one of the more affordable major cities in the United States and offers a public transportation system of both rail and bus. The city is energetic with no shortage of things to do, including ample public green space, numerous bike trails, world-class dining, regional music festivals, and museums. Get a sense of Atlanta through Atlanta Planit, Creative Loafing, and Atlanta Magazine.

Beyond the city. Should you wish to escape the bustle of city life, you need not go far. The Appalachian Mountains can be found less than two hours away from the city. If access to the ocean and beaches are important to you, you can expect to travel no more than four hours.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is a great place to start learning about the natural wonders of Georgia - many only a short distance from Atlanta.


If you or a group want to learn more about LGS and life at Emory, visit us!

  • Prospective applicants: We encourage you to visit Emory's campus and the program that interests you. During your visit, you can talk to program administrators, faculty, staff and current students to learn about the program's foci and expectations and to determine if the program fits your needs and interests. To arrange a visit, we suggest that you contact the program directly.
  • Groups: For groups interested in visiting LGS and Emory (such as McNair Scholars, MARC or Gates Scholars), please contact Damon Williams at LGS.

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