Section 5: Dual and Joint Degrees

(A) Dual and Joint Degrees

  • Dual degrees are typically pursued and completed in stages and are awarded sequentially. The Laney Graduate School requires that all dual degree programs be allowed a maximum of 20% of credit hours to be double-counted or exchanged toward the dual degree. For example, if a Master’s Degree consists of 30 credit hours, a maximum of 6 credit hours may be double-counted with the other degree.
  • Joint degrees are typically pursued in a mixed curriculum and awarded together. 

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(B) 4+1 Dual Degrees

Available to baccalaureate students enrolled in Emory College of Arts and Sciences, the Laney Graduate School offers several 4+1 dual degree programs, which bridge the undergraduate senior year with a fifth (“+1”) year of graduate study in the Laney Graduate School, resulting in the awarding of the Master’s degree by the Laney Graduate School.  

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(C) Four-Year Bachelor's/Master's Programs

NoteThese programs are currently under review and may be modified in the near future.

Exceptional Emory College of Arts and Sciences (ECAS) students with superior undergraduate records may be eligible for a combined degree program in which the bachelor’s and master’s degrees are awarded conjointly at the end of four years. ECAS departments reserve the option of offering such a program and selecting students for participation. Interested undergraduates should consult their departments as early as possible for details. A Four-Year Bachelor’s/Master’s Application for Admission must be submitted during the spring semester of the junior year (before commencement), along with the departmental recommendation letter for the program. Students will not be recognized by the Laney Graduate School as dual degree students unless these steps were completed before the deadline.

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Last modified: 7/26/2017