2.6 Jones Program in Ethics

The Jones Program in Ethics (JPE) provides broad and deep engagement with the ethical issues of research, scholarship, and professional life for all PhD students in the Laney Graduate School. This engagement will take place both within broad, interdisciplinary forums and within the student’s graduate program. A student’s engagement with ethics should cover areas relevant to the student’s course of study and should be appropriately staged throughout a student’s career.

(A) Program Elements

There are three elements to the program. Completion of all elements (1) and (2) are required for candidacy, and (3) is required for graduation.

  1. Students will take a 6 hour core course (JPE 600) in scholarly integrity, supported by the Laney Graduate School in collaboration with the Emory Center for Ethics. This course has no associated credit hours, but must be completed in order to fulfill graduation requirements. Incoming students beginning their first year in their graduate studies will register for JPE 600 with the exception of incoming international students, who will take JPE 600 in their second year. Students should discuss the appropriate time to register for the course with their Program Administrators. Participation in this course will be recorded on the student’s transcript.
  2. Students will complete a minimum of 6 hours of training in program-based ethics material. The disposition of this time is at the program’s discretion. This training may take place within existing courses, such as methodology or professionalization courses. It may also take the form of faculty-led workshops or journal clubs. The intention of this part of the program is to promote student discussions with their own program faculty, and to integrate explicit attention to ethics into the regular course of graduate education. Separate registration is not required for this element. Students will be directed by their programs towards any requirements above and beyond regular course study. Student participation in this element of JPE will be monitored by the student’s program. The student’s program will indicate on the candidacy form that students have fulfilled the minimum of 6 hours of program-based material.
  3. Students will also participate in a minimum of 4 public topical workshops, training sessions, or lectures, designated by the Laney Graduate School as eligible for ethics training credit. These lectures and workshops will be sponsored by the LGS and the Emory Center for Ethics, and will include any other relevant occasional lectures or workshops. Students will bring their ID cards to the workshops to track attendance. Participation will be recorded on the student’s transcript as sections of JPE 610.

(B) JPE Credit

The Registrar notes participation in JPE 600 (1 section) and JPE 610 (4 sections) on transcripts, which documents fulfillment of the degree requirement.

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