The ORDER Program

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The ORDER program provides graduate students and post-doctoral fellows an opportunity to develop courser modules around their own research, and to teach those modules as part of interdisciplinary science courses for college students.

The semester-long ORDER courses are co-taught by teams of graduate fellows called teacher-scholars. Each teacher-scholar teaches a course section that focuses on some aspect of his or her graduate research project. They explain the origins of their discoveries and the different elements that build research in their respective disciplines.

An important objective of ORDER is to change the way science is taught to undergraduates, moving it away from the traditional lecture-based curriculum to a more research-oriented curriculum that actively involves students in posing questions and seeking solutions.

Origins of ORDER

In 2002, David Lynn, ASA Griggs Candler Professor of Chemistry and Biology, was selected as one of 20 inaugural Howard Hughes Medical Institute professors to receive $1 million to bring scientific research to the undergraduate classroom. With this grant, Professor Lynn established a series of seminars for undergraduates called Origins of ORDER.