JPE 600 and 610

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JPE 600 Course

JPE 600 introduces students to the foundations of ethical reflection in which they will engage throughout the course of their graduate careers. Working within an interdisciplinary context, after participation in this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe and give examples of ethical reasoning in daily life;
  • Differentiate ethical issues from issues of law, regulation, or policy;
  • Identify, assess, and address ethical issues as they arise in the context of research, scholarship, and teaching;
  • Locate resources (local, institutional, regional, and national) for enhancing and preserving scholarly integrity through research, scholarship, and teaching.

JPE 610: Educational Sessions, Fall 2018

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Sept 10 / 1-2:30pm
Conducting Global Work
This workshop will provide students with an overview of the administrative and legal considerations associated with performing international work. These include, for example, human resources, financial, and travel-related matters, as well as the compliance requirements associated with the range of federal regulations that pertain to this work. The workshop will also include guidance on the resources available at Emory for related assistance, and tools to help students plan and manage global projects.