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The Grant Writing Program (GWP) addresses every stage of grant proposal writing: developing fundable projects, presenting projects in persuasive ways, and tailoring proposals to specific funders. The program is designed so that you can participate in a series of forums and workshops that build on one another and help you to develop your proposal and dissertation project. 

The program offers two types of sessions: information sessions with presentations and time for questions, and working sessions focused on draft proposals and discussions of specific issues in proposal writing.

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  1. Information sessions
  2. Working sessions 

Information Sessions

Grant Writing Forum
  • October 1 (9am - 12:30pm)
First Year Grant Forum
  • October 24 (11am - 2pm)
Fulbright Forum
  • February 27 (4pm - 5:30pm)
Write-up Fellowship Forum
  • March 27 (4pm - 5:30pm)

Working Sessions

Fulbright Workshop
  • August 17 (9am - 5pm)
Write-up Fellowship Workshop
  • Session 1 (September 15, 9-5pm)
  • Session 2 (September 29, 9-5pm)
Proposal Writing Institute
  • September 22-23 
Beginning Grant Writing Workshop
  • October 25 (1pm - 5pm)
Intensive Grant Writing Workshop
  • February 21 - February 24
Proposal Writing Bootcamp
  • May 1 - May 3 (9-5pm, all days)