The Atlanta BEST Program

The Atlanta BEST program aims to better prepare pre-doctoral and postdoctoral scientists for the breadth of possible careers in the biomedical research workforce. It aims to establish networks, evaluate approaches, and widely disseminate best practices for the biomedical research community and its stakeholders.

About the Program

The Atlanta BEST program is one of 17 programs across the U.S. to be awarded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) the Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) award. We are all working towards developing approaches which complement traditional biomedical research training, while preparing and enhancing the strength of the U.S. scientific workforce.

We aim to broaden the preparation, and refine skill sets, of early career Scientists and Engineers who are valued and needed in the current spectrum of biomedical research related occupations. Leveraging strengths from both Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology we are innovating Career Exploration and Professional Development strategies for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows the biomedical and biological sciences. Organized in a cohort model, the BEST program accepts 20-30 trainees each year during the grant to participate in exclusive career development training. Workshops and information session are open to anyone part of the Emory and Georgia Tech broader communities when possible.

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BEST Trainee Schedule

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