Section 4: Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificate programs provide graduate students with interdisciplinary expertise.  They are intended to enhance student education and research, and to expand students’ professional competencies.  Students interested in a Graduate Certificate should consult the Certificate Program Director about eligibility criteria and requirements. 

You can search for a list of active programs on the Laney Graduate School website; simply filter by "Certificate" in the Degree Type field. Click here


Once accepted to desired certificate program, students should complete and submit to LGS a Certificate Declaration Form, found on the LGS website.


Students may enroll in more than one certificate program, but no more than 3 credits may be counted toward two certificates.  Because certificates are intended to enhance interdisciplinary education, no more than 3 credits from a student’s home program may be counted toward any one certificate.  Transfer credits may not be applied toward certificate requirements.


Completion of a certificate program requires at least 12 credits of course study at the 500 to 700 level.  Certificates must have some requirements, in addition to the minimum credit hours, that make the course of study systematic and cohesive. This may take the form of required core courses, exam, project, or practicum. 

Upon finishing the certificate program requirements, the student must obtain and submit a completed Certificate Clearance Form documenting completion of the requirements.  Students should also submit a separate Application for Degree (in addition to the Application for Degree submitted for the dissertation) in order for the certificate to be noted on the transcript. Students will not be awarded a paper certificate from the Laney Graduate School. Certificates are only notated on student transcripts.  (Students obtaining a certificate in Translational Research who are not enrolled in an Emory PhD program constitute an exception.  They should contact their program for instructions.)

Last modified: 8/21/2017

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