Section 1: Degree Programs

Visit our Degree Programs page to discover the range of degree programs offered at the Laney Graduate School.

In graduate education, the quality of student performance is of greater importance than the mere fulfillment of formal requirements. The graduate experience may consist of lecture courses, seminars, laboratory courses, directed study, teaching opportunities, and research. The student’s program of study must be planned in consultation with an appointed adviser or advisory committee.

The Laney Graduate School expects that, barring exceptional circumstances, the graduate project will be finished in sequence and as expeditiously as possible.  Generally students are permitted to fulfill degree requirements under the rules in effect at the time of first admission to the Laney Graduate School.

(A) Minimum and Additional Program Requirements

The Laney Graduate School sets minimum degree requirements. Individual programs may have additional or more demanding requirements. Students should consult program handbooks, program directors, and Directors of Graduate Studies to obtain further information on specific program requirements.

(B) Residence

Full residence in any semester requires satisfactory completion of a minimum of 9 semester hours of courses, research, or directed study acceptable for graduate credit. If a student is registered for a terminal master’s degree at Emory, s/he may request permission from the program director or director of graduate studies to pursue the degree on a part-time basis and earn partial residence credit. The request must be submitted to the Dean of the Laney Graduate School for approval.

(C) Transfer Credit

A limited amount of transfer credit may be applied as residence credit toward a degree program. The Dean must approve all transfer credit requests. Learn more about our Transfer Credit policy

Last modified: 8/7/2017

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