Section 5: Dual and Joint Degrees

(A) Dual and Joint Degrees

  • Dual degrees are typically pursued and completed in stages and are awarded sequentially. The Laney Graduate School requires that all dual degree programs be allowed a maximum of 20% of credit hours to be double-counted or exchanged toward the dual degree. For example, if a Master’s Degree consists of 30 credit hours, a maximum of 6 credit hours may be double-counted with the other degree.
  • Joint degrees are typically pursued in a mixed curriculum and awarded together. 

Visit our Dual and Joint Degrees page to view our offerings.

(B) 4+1 Dual Degrees

Available to baccalaureate students enrolled in Emory College of Arts and Sciences, the Laney Graduate School offers several 4+1 dual degree programs, which bridge the undergraduate senior year with a fifth (“+1”) year of graduate study in the Laney Graduate School, resulting in the awarding of the Master’s degree by the Laney Graduate School.  

Visit our 4+1 Bachelor/Master's Programs page to view offerings.


Last modified: 5/8/2018

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