6.5 Parental Accommodation

This policy is for students with substantial parenting responsibility as a result of childbirth, care of newborn, or a newly adopted child. This policy guarantees PhD students a minimum level of accommodation during the transition to parenthood. 

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(A) Policy

The caregiver designated as having substantial parental responsibility may be relieved of graduate responsibilities for up to eight weeks after the birth or adoption of a child. Up to four of those weeks may be situated before the anticipated birth or adoption date.

(B) Eligibility

Any matriculated doctoral student in good academic standing. Note: If both parents are Emory PhD students, they may discuss with their respective programs and the Laney Graduate School a reasonable and feasible proposal for dividing a twelve week accommodation period.

(C) Stipend Support during Accommodation

Eligible students who are receiving stipend support continue to receive this support throughout the accommodation period. If a student receives her/his/their stipend through a training or research grant, the extramural sponsor will be expected to continue to fund the student to the extent allowable by the granting agency.

If a student is ineligible for a stipend through his or her extramural sponsor during this accommodation period, the student will receive the stipend from the Laney Graduate School. During these eight weeks, students are expected to maintain registration, remain in contact with their advisors, and engage in limited academic activity (e.g., reading), assuming the good health of the student and the infant or child. After the eight week period is over, students are expected to resume their responsibilities as outlined by the granting agency.

(D) Accommodation Principles

Enrollment status: PhD students benefitting from accommodation will remain as full-time students, and thus their eligibility for graduate student benefits remains intact (e.g., student services and health insurance).

Suspension of academic requirements: PhD students benefitting from accommodation are relieved of full-time academic and related educational activity, such as teaching and research assistant academic requirements, official academic examinations such as qualifying or preliminary examinations, lab and research deadlines, and course activity.

  • Scheduled courses or examinations should be rescheduled if possible and as necessary to avoid conflicts with the accommodation period; re-scheduling should provide reasonable time to complete these academic requirements. In the event that the amount of course work to be rescheduled is excessive, the student may need to drop a course and retake it in another semester.
  • The student’s program will develop a plan to replace necessary required academic activity, such as teaching and research. The Laney Graduate School expects that the program will exercise flexibility in this process. Contact the Senior Associate Dean of the Laney Graduate School for specific discussion of this matter, if necessary.

Accommodation is not a Leave of Absence: Students benefitting from accommodation are expected to maintain registration, remain in contact with their advisors, and engage in limited academic activity (e.g., reading), assuming the good health of the student and the infant or child. Students may prefer to apply for a Leave of Absence.

(E) Requesting Accommodation Procedure

PhD students seeking accommodation should inform their program (normally through their director of graduate studies/program director, advisor, and the Laney Graduate School in writing at least 3 months before accommodation is anticipated (unless unforeseen circumstances arise) in order for programs to have adequate time to plan any activity that might be carried out by other students. Students are expected to take into consideration the needs of their programs and collaborators in determining when to inform their program. Students must discuss accommodation plans with their advisors and director of graduate studies / program director before submitting the request to the Laney Graduate School.

View form and instructions for the Parental Accommodation Request.

Last modified: 12/11/2020

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