6.4 Readmission

See the LGS Readmission page for the appropriate forms and process.

(A) Readmission

Students who fail to maintain continuous enrollment must apply for readmission at least 30 days before the semester in which they wish to re-register. Students should contact their director of graduate studies or program director to discuss readmission. The student must then submit an online form, and her/his program will be asked to approve the student's readmission in an online system. Readmission is approved at the discretion of the program or division, and programs may prescribe additional course requirements for readmitted students.

When approving readmission, programs should pay particular attention to a student’s academic standing at the end of the last semester registered, and to grades of incomplete that were converted to Fs during the student’s absence. Students who have exceeded the nine-year limit on time to degree cannot be readmitted. Students who have enrollment holds must contact Emory's Student Financial Services and apply for readmission once the hold has been removed.

Students who discontinued graduate study with a terminal Master’s degree will not be readmitted.

(B) Readmission in Special Standing

Those whose registration has lapsed for one semester or more must complete the online process for readmission at least 30 days before registration. 

Last modified: 8/13/2020

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