6.2 Status

(A) Change of Degree Program

A student who wishes to transfer from one program to another within the Laney Graduate School must make a written request to the director of graduate studies or program director of both programs using the Request for Program Transfer form available on the Laney Graduate School website.  The request is approved after review by the graduate program and the Dean of the Laney Graduate School.  Students wishing to transfer from one program to another do not have to submit new applications or application fees to the Laney Graduate School.

The new program will determine the number of hours credited from the prior program based on new degree objectives and requirements. Programs may prescribe additional course requirements for transferring students. The maximum credit that can be transferred from the student's former program is 18 hours.

When an international student’s program transfer has been approved and processed by the Laney Graduate School, the student must consult with the International Student and Scholar Services office about any necessary adjustment to the student’s I-20.

If the student is a veteran, she/he must contact the Office of the Registrar at registr@emory.edu.

(B) Transfer Credit

The Laney Graduate School requires that most, if not all, credits counted toward LGS degrees be earned at Emory. Under certain circumstances, programs may appeal to the Dean for up to 9 hours of transfer credit from an accredited institution be counted in lieu of Emory course study. The director of graduate studies or program director must confirm that transferred credit was not counted toward another degree and indicate which Emory courses were deemed equivalent to the courses for which transfer credit is proposed. Any amount over 9 hours must have strong support from the program and be approved by the Dean. 

Additionally, no courses that are accepted for transfer credit can have been applied toward another conferred degree. Students admitted with general or specific deficiencies, or whose prior degrees were conferred eight or more years before admission, may be required to complete additional requirements. The director of graduate studies or program director will discuss additional requirements with the student.

Last modified: 7/10/2017

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