COVID-19 Updates for New Students

This page lists update information related to the COVID-19 situation at Emory and the Laney Gradaute School.

July 20: Updated Policy on Funding for PhD Students Unable to Travel to the U.S. 

Students in doctoral programs that can accommodate a remote fall term for first-year students, who enroll for the fall term but are unable to travel to the U.S.:

  • will receive a full tuition scholarship and health insurance subsidy;
  • will start their monthly stipend upon arrival to the U.S. and after completion of the I-9 requirements; and
  • will retain their stipend support for the duration specified in their admissions letters, starting from the date they complete the I-9 requirements.

A student who enrolls from another country and is able to enter the U.S. at some point during fall term and completes the I-9 requirements will start their stipend support on the date they complete the I-9 requirements.

Emory University policies for student fees and health insurance remain unchanged. All students who enroll for fall term will

The policy for the August half-month stipend payment remains unchanged. Students who do not complete the I-9 requirements by August 19 forfeit that half-month payment.

July 20: Updated Temporary COVID-19 Related Policy on Deferred Enrollment

LGS is providing additional options for deferred enrollment, allowing deferrals for one or two terms.  The policy is on our Deferred Enrollment page.

July 17: Emory updated plans for fall term.

July 10: Deadline for requesting deferred enrollment moved back to August 1.

The policy is on our Deferred Enrollment page.