Professional Opportunities

For more than 20 years, ELSP has offered language training for graduate students and Emory faculty and staff through a set of scaled diagnostics, focused pedagogical strategies and cutting-edge technologies used create an effective learning environment. The program has emphasized communication and fluency building rather than memorization.  

ELSP has also expanded its services to include professional development opportunities and courses. 

Professional Opportunity Development Sessions

Professional Opportunity Development Sessions (or PODS) is a workshop series focused on professional and academic communication in writing or speaking. PODS are:

  • Designed for non-native English speaking students at the Laney Graduate School who are not currently enrolled in the ELSP program
  • Four 90 minute workshops- applicant must attend all four

Writing PODS

These four workshops provide effective writing strategies that can instantly improve the clarity, conciseness, and appeal of your academic writing across multiple fields. Sessions will cover such topics as reader expectations, organization, cohesion, and accuracy. You will also receive a one-on-one consultation session and individual feedback throughout the workshop on a current or past writing project. During the workshop you will:

  • Gain awareness of audience and select appropriate language
  • Select the macro organizational strategy that best supports your purpose
  • Establish your perspective in relation to current research
  • Practice self-editing strategies presented in class

Speaking PODS

This short interactive workshop series aims to enhance your academic and professional spoken communication by providing clear strategies, practice, and feedback that you can apply immediately. Some of the areas that will be addressed include vocal characteristics, organizational strategies, gesturing and body language, pacing and pausing, and presentation performance. You will also receive a one-on-one consultation session following the second workshop, as well as individual feedback on the audio and video recordings you submit throughout the series. During the workshop, you will:

  • Learn the essential characteristics of effective speaking
  • Apply theater techniques to adapt and enhance your speaking patterns
  • Analyze strategies and techniques used by effective speakers
  • Apply newly acquired knowledge and skills to your professional speaking tasks (presentations, lectures, speeches, etc.)

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Mackenzie Bristow