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Student Affairs Team

Dr. Jennifer M. Cason

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs & Deputy Title IX Coordinator

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Emily Neutens

Assistant Director of Student Affairs | Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences

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The Student Affairs team strives to enhance students’ experiences and well-being by fostering supportive community environments, processes, and services that empower students throughout their educational journey to ensure personal, professional, and academic success. How quickly you progress through the journey depends on the nature of your degree and personal factors. The Student Affairs team is here during every phase of your educational journey.

Entry Phase (First Year)

Entry Phase: Graduate students become accustomed to the culture of graduate education, expectations of doctoral research, and understanding of the advisor/advisee relationship.

Phase One: Entry

Integration Phase

Integration Phase: Graduate students begin to flourish when they acquire basic competency in their field of study and are comfortable and confident moving around new social spaces, including the introduction into communities of practice.

Phase Two: Integration

Enhancement Phase

Enhancement Phase: Graduate students turn theory into practice, produce new knowledge, and make investments to enhance themselves and the global good.

Phase Three: Enhancement

Culmination Phase

Culmination Phase: Graduate students begin their pathway to a professional role after graduation

Phase Four: Culmination

Student Resources

A resource detailing the Emory health insurance options available to all degree-seeking students

Access Options here


A document outlining alternative options for students and their families beyond the Emory healthcare plan

Access Information here (PDF)

A guide to your best commute to Emory's campus

Access graduate commute guide here (PDF)


Dining & Food Security

Parking & Transit


Off Campus Housing

Emory Subleases/ Roomates

* The information on many of these websites is not controlled or endorsed by LGS. We share them here as resources that may be helpful to LGS students.

Student and Faculty Resources

A resource for faculty and staff seeking to understand how to provide accommodations for students and address the specific needs they may have.

Access information about accommodations here

A guide with best practices for faculty to empower students, support progress, intervene when appropriate and resolve issues

Access this guide here

If you are a faculty member, staff member, or peer concerned about an LGS student, you can work with your Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) or Program Director (PD) to report your concerns.

Access Student of Concern Form