We are disappointed to learn that Interfolio has discontinued the service that has enabled LGS to purchase accounts in bulk and provide them to graduate students. As of October 4, we still have some accounts for eligible students to claim, but when those run out we will not be able to purchase new ones. We will note here when those are depleted.

We are looking into whether there are alternative services we might be able to provide in this area.

The Laney Graduate School currently offers a professional resource to students who are nearing completion and entering the job market: subsidized Interfolio dossier delivery to prospective employers.  

If you register for an Interfolio account as an Emory graduate student, the Laney Graduate School will pay for an upgrade to "Dossier Deliver," which provides up to 50 deliveries of your dossier in a year. 

Before You Open An Interfolio Account...

Read all the information provided on this page. Click on a topic for specific information.


  • All degree seeking students in the Laney Graduate School are eligible.
  • To be eligible for the subsidized upgrade, you must be enrolled as a student the semester you start it.  The delivery credit will remain valid even if you are no longer a student by the following semester (because you graduated).
  • Students will be eligible for a delivery subsidy twice. That is, if you start an account this year but do not find a job you want, then you can renew your account and receive a new subsidy a year later (provided you are still an LGS student).

Signing Up

  • In order to access this special offer, you will need to contact your program administrator to receive a code. We have shared those with the programs.
  • Interfolio Dossier accounts are free.  Once your account has been created, you'll want to upgrade to "dossier deliver."  
  • In the course of upgrading, you'll encounter a field to enter a special code.  Enter the code provided by your program administrator, and your upgrade will be free.


  • By using the LGS code provided by your program (see above), you will not be charged for the one-year dossier delivery packet.
  • You will be responsible for delivery costs that exceed the 50-deliveries packet. To make an informed decision, you may want to look at the delivery pricing here and try to project how many and what kind of deliveries you may need.


The Interfolio system permits a great deal of customization. For example, you can upload multiple writing samples, and your letter writers can upload multiple versions of their letters of recommendation. You can then choose which samples and letters are delivered to specific prospective employers. However, if you believe your discipline or individual case presents circumstances that Interfolio may not be able to accommodate, then please inquire about this with Interfolio before you sign up for an account.

Additionally, if your program has some system for assisting students on the job market with their dossiers, then Interfolio may not be a good choice for you. Talk to your program!

Non-Academic Job Searches

Interfolio is geared towards higher education, but it also delivers dossiers to non-academic prospective employers. If you are pursuing such positions, you may well be able to use Interfolio.  If you have doubts, please inquire with Interfolio before you sign up for an account.

More About Interfolio

  • You'll find extensive FAQs and other help functions here.