Non-Degree Admission

Non-degree applications for the next several terms are open as below.

Term Application Opens Application Closes
Fall 2018 March 26 September 5
Spring 2019 October 29 January 21
Summer 2019 February 18 May 24
Fall 2019 March 25 September 4
Spring 2020 October 28 January 20
Summer 2020 February 7 May 19
Fall 2020 March 23 September 2

To apply for admission as a non-degree student, you need to show that you have a bachelor's degree or its equivalent, know which course(s) you want to enroll in, have permission from the instructor(s) to enroll, and pay a $75 application fee.  Each of those requirements is discussed in more detail below. 

The Laney Graduate School Application for Admission


Be sure to read the instructions below and collect the information you will need.  When you are ready to apply, you use the same application as our degree-seeking applicants -- the link is to the right  After you have created an application account, on the first page of the application, you choose "Non-Degree / Special Standing" as your program, select the term you are applyng for, and then complete and submit the application.

1.  Show that you have a bachelor's degree or its equivalent.

You show this by attaching to your application a transcript from your undergraduate institution.  This transcript needs to be final -- that is, it needs to be issued after graduation and show that you were awarded the degree.

You will need a scanned copy of your transcript, or an electronic transcript.  It needs to be issued by the registrar of the institution that awarded the degree.

This is essential: if you do not attach a transcript, we will deny your application.

2.  Know which course(s) you want to enroll in.

The application asks you to complete a number of fields of information about the course(s) you want to enroll in: subject, class number, instructor, etc.  It is important that you complete all the fields for each class, so we will know how to enroll you.  The document below shows you the fields on the application, and explains what information to enter into them.

You must complete this information for at least one course. 

This is essential: if you do not specify at least one course to enroll in, we will deny your application.

3.  Have permission from the instructor(s) to enroll.

You need to request permission from the instructor for each each course you want to enroll in, and attach the permission(s) to your application.  For each course, obtain permission from the instructor via email, then save the reply email from the instructor as a pdf document, and attach it in the relevant field of the application.  Email is the easiest method, but scanned letters on letterhead will of course also work.

For each course you list on the application, you must attach a document showing that the instructor has given you permission to enroll. 

This is essential: if you do not include this, we will deny your application.

You may want to ask the instructor for "overload permission."  When a semester starts, degree seeking students have priority in registering for courses.  If a course you want to enroll in fills up with degree seeking students, we will not be able to enroll you, even if we have a permission email from the instructor.  However, if the email from the instructor explicitly gives you "overload permission," then we can enroll you in an otherwise full class.  So to prevent another round of request and response, you may want to ask the instructor to give you overload permission from the start.

4.  Pay a $75 application fee.

You pay the fee at the end of your application, and you cannot submit without paying the fee.

The application fee is not refundable.  If for some reason you are unable to enroll, or decide not to enroll, we will not refund the application fee.

Then what happens?

If your application is complete, we will process it and admit you as a non-degree or special standing student.  We will send you a email letting you know you have been admited, and that enrollment is pending.

As soon as the semester starts, we will enroll you in the course(s) you selected, and let you know you have been enrolled.  If a course fills up and you don't have overload permission, we will email  you to let you know that you need to request overload permission before we can enroll you.

What if I want to keep taking courses?

Once you have been admitted as a non-degree student, you can continue to take courses and do not need to apply for admission again, as long as you take at least one course each term.  You will need permissions for each course, and we will enroll you at the start of each term.  To enroll again, contact Tamika Hairston at

However, if you take a break of one or more terms, then you need to apply for readmission.