Bachelor/Master's Programs

Open only to Emory undergraduates, the Laney Graduate School offers several programs which bridge the undergraduate senior year with a fifth year of graduate study leading to a Master’s degree from the Laney Graduate School ("4+1" programs).  In rare cases, it is possible to earn both degrees in the same year.

4+1 Bachelor/Master's Programs
BS/MS in Cancer Biology and Translational Oncology
Open to Emory undergraduate senior students with a strong background in science, 4+1 graduates will acquire broad knowledge of cancer biology, and a deep understanding of major questions in their chosen area of cancer research.  Students will work in an advisor’s laboratory, learn how to formulate and solve scientific questions through experiments, and defend a master’s thesis presenting their laboratory research findings. The 4+1 in CBTO is a springboard to a variety of careers in the biomedical sciences, medicine and beyond.  

4+1 BS/MS in CBTO

BA/MA in English
This program gives advanced students in-depth exposure to graduate study in literature and develops their research and critical skills. It is designed for students seeking additional preparation before applying for PhD programs in English and related fields, as well as for those pursuing  career tracks in which an MA degree in English is valuable.  

4+1 BA/MA in English

BS/MS in Environmental Sciences
This program focuses on training the next generation of professionals to address the complex interactions between people and their environment with a goal of advancing ecosystem health, sustainable global development, and conservation.  

4+1 BS/MS in Environmental Sciences

BA/MA in Film and Media Studies
The program serves students seeking additional preparation before applying to related PhD programs, as well as those pursuing film and media career tracks in film/festival curation, film archives, production, or teaching in secondary schools and community colleges, for which an MA degree in Film and Media is helpful.  

4+1 BA/MA in Film and Media Studies

Bachelor/Master's Programs
Exceptional Emory College students may be able to earn the bachelor’s and master’s degrees conjointly at the end of four years. A list of departments that offer this is at the link below.  Interested students should consult their department as early as possible.  

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