Connect to Emory

Information for 2018-19 will be posted in late spring. Do plan to attend New Student Orientation, which will take place on August 15, 2018.

This page will help you accomplish three very important things.  Scroll down or click on the list items for more information about each one:

  1. Access Your Emory email

  2. Access Your OPUS (Emory's student information system) Record

  3. Submit a Photo for Your EmoryCard (your student ID)

(1)  Access Your Emory Email

Your Emory email is your official email address. All Emory emails will be sent to that address, and you are responsible for monitoring it. The address is active now. You need to access it as soon as possible.

Step 1: Retrieve your Network ID (if you have not already done so). Go to You will be asked for your birth date and social security number (if you do not have a social security number, you will be asked for your birth date and home email address).  

Step 2: Change your Password. After you get your Network ID (NetID) and initial password, change your password to something secure that you will remember.  Instructions for this are here  From this web page you will also be able to sign up for self-service password reset, which will allow you to reset your password in the future after answering a number of security questions of your own choosing.

Step 3: Access your Emory Email. Official University correspondence will be sent to your Emory email address, the format for which is Your Emory email can be accessed via any web browser at Use your Emory Network ID as the username and your password to login. Your mailbox will be ready and waiting along with collaborative calendaring. 

If you run into problems with your Network ID, password, or email access, contact the University Service Desk at 404-727-7777. Once you arrive on campus, you can always find hands-on IT support at Student Technology Support (STS) in the Woodruff Library, on level 1.

For more about IT services for students, visit the New Students page on the LITS Student Digital Life site.  

(2)  Access OPUS, the student information system

OPUS is Emory's online database used for student information and more. You will use OPUS a great deal -- for registration, financial information, transcripts, and so on.  This is also where we track your address information: when you move here, you should update your address in OPUS. 

Log in to OPUS with your NetID and password, and check your information.  The information we have comes from your applicaiton, and some of that may have changed.  Update as needed.  Note that the phone number in your OPUS record will appear in Emory's online directory.  If you are concerned about that, read the document posted on the right, which explains how the connection works and spells our what you can do to control that.

OPUS login page

(3)  Submit a Photo for Your EmoryCard

As an Emory student, you will need an EmoryCard.  It serves to identify you as member of the Emory community and is also needed to access a number of services: to check books out of the library, to access some buildings after hours, and much more.

To have your EmoryCard ready when the semester begins, you need to

  1. Upload a photo no later than August 1.  If you are arriving early for program related activities, then you will need to upload earlier so you can have an EmoryCard for your early activities.  Watch for communications from LGS and your program to tell you when you need to upload a photo. 
  2. Pick up the card in the LGS office during the week of August 14, and before August 18.  Please note that when you come to pick up your EmoryCard, you must bring along a government-issued photo ID (such as a driver's license or a passport) so we can be sure we are giving the card to the right person.

Obtaining an EmoryCard