Get Involved

Create an interdisciplinary educational session as part of the JPE! If you have an idea, send a note to Dr. Jay Hughes who will work with you to realize the session.

Become an Ambassador

The JPE requires support on multiple levels from students both with varied backgrounds and experience in research ethics-related training and educat on. A JPE Ambassador is someone who will engage the broader Emory community through questions of ethics, integrity and scholarship in the following ways:

  • Participate fully in the JPE program by attending a minimum of one JPE workshop per year.
  • Publicize all JPE events within one's program and social contacts at Emory.
  • Serve as a role model for issues of integrity in research, teaching, and scholarship.
  • Attend all Student Ambassador meetings (approximately one per semester).

In addition, JPE Ambassadors must also agree to serve on one of the following committees:

  • Educational Sessions Development Committee
    • Commit to providing in-person support for at least one workshop per year (as many as five will be held each semester). This may include serving as co-facilitator, respondent, discussion leader, or coordinator of any subsequent online conversations. Students should also be prepared to assist with preparatory and follow-up materials during and after the event.
    • Comment on at least one post per month by another JPE student ambassador.
  • Program Resource Committee
    • Commit to providing the JPE team with at least five resources per year to be added to the JPE knowledge library for use as educational materials in future workshops. Students are encouraged, though not required, to look for articles or case studies from within their own disciplines and areas of research/expertise. A very brief synopsis and five key words should also be provided for each resource.
    • Comment on at least two posts per month by another JPE student ambassador.

If you're interested in becoming a JPE Ambassador, email Dr. Jay Hughes.

Please regularly check the JPE schedule for information on upcoming JPE events.