Kharen Fulton Diversity Graduate Award

Named to honor the legacy of Dr. Kharen Fulton, the longtime director of recruitment, diversity and admissions at the Laney Graduate School, the award supports graduate student diversity, inclusion, and community. 

Kharen Fulton’s service to Emory was distinguished and long, stretching more than 30 years. Says Laney's Dean Lisa Tedesco, “Kharen was a strong proponent of diversity and inclusion. She strived to make the Laney Graduate School – and Emory – a more welcoming, just, and supportive place for people from underrepresented groups, including both students and staff. We are proud to carry on the good work she so deeply believed in here in the Laney Graduate School.”

The award was established through the efforts of several Laney alumni whose lives Kharen touched.

Support the Award

Make a gift to the Kharen Fulton Diversity Graduate Award. We aim to reach the minimum endowment threshold of $50,000 so Kharen’s legacy will live on in perpetuity. If that goal is not met by August 31, 2019, we will grant the award for several years, and Kharen will continue to inspire and support students.

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