Pathways Beyond the Professoriate

PBP connects students with distinguished alumni who have chosen career paths outside of the academy.


In this competitive job market, it is important for students to have a better understanding of diverse career opportunities available to them once they leave Emory and how to channel the skills they've developed as graduate students into successful careers. Questions you might be pondering include:

  • How do you imagine and implement a career plan that falls outside of your discipline?
  • How do you use the research skills you developed as a graduate student in careers outside of the academic sector?
  • How does your teaching experience give you an uppher hand in managerial positions or public relations?
  • Can all of those hours in the lab or library work to your benefit in a start up business, for example?

Get answers to these questions and more from former students who have successfully transitioned from student to professional.

Listen. Lunch. Learn.

PBP connects students with distinguished alumni who have chosen career paths outside of the academy.

In the PBP series, alumni from a variety of fields return to Emory to network with our students and discuss their career paths and the unique ways that they have used their Masters or PhD degrees to identify positions that current students may never have considered. They discuss the skills they developed during their time as graduate students at Emory and how use of those skills has translated into professional success.

All students are welcome to attend these events. 

Past speakers have included:

  • Karen Ventii 08G (GDBBS) – Medical Communications Specialist
  • Mark Ledden 96G (English) – Business Consultant and Executive Coach
  • Erinn Goldman 04G (GDBBS) –Pharmaceuticals
  • Edward Scholl 85G (Political Science) – Statistician at US Court of Appeals
  • Joseph Njau 13G (Health Services Research and Health Policy) - Sr. Fellow at CDC
  • Gary Hauk 91G (Religion) – Vice President of Emory University
  • Andrea Sharma 04G (Epidemiology) – Epidemiologist at CDC
  • Jennifer Margulis 99G (English) – Freelance Journalist
  • Chris Curfman 00G (Chemistry) – Patent Lawyer
  • Leah Wolfson 01C 08G (Comparative Literature) – Sr. Program Office, US Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • Giles Shih 99G (GDBBS) – CEO of biotechnology company
  • Kirsten Rambo 01G 03G (Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies) Project Officer at the CDC
  • Krysia Waldron 10G (Sociology) Psychologist and Consultant
  • Christine Carter 94G 01PhD (History) Independent School Teacher