A student approaching the end of a degree program is responsible for ensuring that all program, Laney Graduate School and University requirements and deadlines are met. In addition to completing required coursework, exams, and other elements of your program of study, you must also meet these important conditions in order to qualify to complete your degree. 

  • All degree candidates must be registered during the semester in which the degree is awarded.
  • All IP, incompletes and/or Fs must have been resolved, and all fees and charges from Emory University must be paid.
  • PhD candidates must have a dissertation committee form on file. If your previous committee form does not match your current committee, you must submit a change of committee form before you submit your dissertation completion materials. Not having a committee form on file can DELAY your graduation.
  • PhD candidates must be admitted to candidacy at least one semester before receiving the degree. (This is a minimum condition: the Laney Graduate School expects students to file for candidacy the same semester they complete the requirements.)

Failure to satisfy the conditions to qualify for a degree may result in failure to receive the degree until the following semester. All deadlines are published on the Laney Graduate School Academic Calendar, which can be found on the LGS website. And, of course, students should review Degree Completion criteria included in the Laney Graduate School Handbook.