Certificate Declaration

To enroll in a certificate and be eligible to receive the certificate degree at graduation, students must declare their intention to complete the certificate by filing the certificate declaration form.  Declare early: this should be done as soon as a student has started the work towards the certificate.

Certificates are open only to students already enrolled as degree seeking students, and cannot be completed as free standing degrees.

The certificates offered are listed on our Degree Programs page.  Filter the degree type by "Certificate."

If you intend to declare a certificate, discuss it with your advisor and program first.  Certificate declarations require approval from your degree program, and we will contact them as part of the declaration process.

LGS Student Action Online Form 

To submit an online form, you may need a signed signature form.  Read the instructions for the action you are seeking to accomplish.  

Go to the Online Form

How to Declare a Certificate

  • Complete the Certificate Declaration Signature Form.  You will need the signature of the director of the certificate.
  • Scan the signed form.
  • Complete and submit the LGS student action online form. You will be asked to upload the signed signature form.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when you submit the form, and both your PhD program administrator and the certificate program administrator will receive a copy.
  • Your PhD  program will be asked to review the declaration as part of the online process.
  • LGS will process your request, and let you know when the process is complete.

When your certificate declaration has been approved, your participation in the certificate will be noted on your transcript.  The effective date of your participation will be term that the form is submitted.

Graduating with a Certificate

If you declared your certificate, the process will be easy:

  • if you submit your degree application online, then your certificate degree will be included in the degree application;
  • if you use a paper degree application, remember to write in your certificate on the paper form so we know to process both degrees.

If you did not declare your certificate, your certificate degree will not be processed.