Reduced Course Load Enrollment

In general, Laney Graduate School students are expected to maintain full time enrollment each term, with "full time" defined as enrollment of 9 credit hours or more.

In rare circumstances, it may be appropriate for students to enroll part-time, for less than 9 credit hours, during one or more terms.  Such reduced enrollment must be approved by the Dean of the Laney Graduate School, and the procedure for requesting this is described below.

Approval for reduced load enrollment is rare; please read the notes below carefully before you make a request.

The form for requesting reduced enrollment is in the the Laney Connect Hub, in the "Enrollment" section. Log in with your Emory credentials and follow the instructions to locate and submit the form.

  • Master's students: Students in some Master's programs may pursue their degree part time, and do not need permission to enroll with a reduced load.  Check with your program to see whether this applies to you.
  • Money: Many forms of merit aid and financial aid are contingent on maintaining full time enrollment.  This includes some kinds of financial aid available to veteran students.  Be sure you understand how these issues may affect you before you submit a request.  
  • Visas: International students may be required by the terms of their visas to maintain full time enrollment.  If you are an international student, be sure to investigate this before you submit a request.  A good place to start is this ISSS web page about maintaining legal status.
  • Your advisor and program: If you plan on submitting a request, be sure to discuss this with your advisor and your Program Director or Director of Graduate Studies before you submit.  When you submit a request, we will send it to your program for review, and will not approve unless the program approves first.
  • Duration: Your request can be for one academic year only.  It can cover several terms, as long as they are part of the same academic year.  The academic year is defined as fall, spring and summer terms.  If the first term of your request is fall, then the request can include the subsequent spring and summer as well; if the first term is spring, then it can only include summer as well.  If you want the part-time enrollment to continue for the following academic year, you will need to submit a new request then.