Terminal Master's

What You Need to Submit Online to the LGS

Contact your program’s Director of Graduate Studies to discuss leaving with a terminal master's degree.

Signed Forms should be submitted online using the LGS Student Action Form. Log on to the form, enter a little information about yourself, and then choose the terminal masters option to submit your request.

Doctoral students who are leaving their programs can discuss with their Director of Graduate Studies the option to leave with a terminal master's degree.


  • Students must have completed at least 30 credit hours.
  • Students must have met all program degree requirements. 
  • Students who discontinue graduate study with a terminal master’s degree will not be readmitted.  

Next Steps

Completing this process will change your enrollment and set you on the path to a terminal master's degree in your field. When all conditions are met, you will need to submit a degree application and other relevant forms, as explained on our Degree Completion pages.