Graduate Student Travel

Travel Safely and Let Emory Know

When you travel, please protect your personal safety. Visit Emory's International Travel resources site, and use the International SOS feature to learn about advisories affecting the region you will travel to, and to make a record of where you will be and how you can be reached.

This record can be essential. In the case of tragic events such as natural disaster and abrupt violence, information in International SOS records can help us to quickly ascertain that members of the Emory community near those are safe and unharmed.

Purchasing Travel with Emory Funding

Emory's Travel Policies establish all Emory University rules related to travel. 

Note: If you use Emory funding, you must comply with the policy. If you don't, Emory funds may be withheld.

Essentially, the policy requires that air travel bought with Emory funds be bought through one of Emory's air travel providers. This requirement includes travel which is at first paid for using a personal credit card and later reimbursed using Emory funds, like PDS funds.

To access and/or book your flight through one of the three Emory air travel providers, you will need to log in using your NetID and password. You can find links to Emory's air travel providers on the Booking Air Travel webpage.

Note: To comply with the travel policy, you must access BCD/Tbiz Travel through the link above (also at the right), and log in using your Emory NetID.

If you experience issues accessing the travel sites please contact