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2024 Dean’s Address Awards Reception Celebrates LGS Achievements

Laney Graduate School (LGS) honored LGS excellence at the 3rd annual Dean’s Address & Awards Reception on April 16, 2024.

Last week, we heard the 3rd annual Dean’s Address and celebrated several LGS awards at the reception. 

Laney has been working to fulfill the strategic priorities for moving graduate education forward at Emory. See what Dean Kimberly Jacob Arriola said during the Dean’s Address portion of the reception. 

Read the Full Dean’s Address Here

Additionally, on behalf of Laney Graduate School (LGS), we want to formally thank everyone who nominated a nominee, thank you to all the nominees who worked extremely hard to achieve everything they have, and congratulationsto all the award recipients. 

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2024 LGS Award Winners: 

 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant/Associate Award: 

  • From the Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, Ahmed Haji Said, Global Health and Development 
  • From the Natural Sciences, LM Bradley, Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution 
  • From the Humanities, Maria Jose “Mumi” Velez Ruggieri, Hispanic Studies 

 Student Award for Inclusive Excellence:   

  • From the Social Sciences, Alex Snipes, Political Science 
  • From, Humanities, Danny Ballon-Garst, Religion 
  • From the Natural Sciences, Lenore Monterroza, Cancer Biology 

Faculty Award for Inclusive Excellence:  

  • From the Social Sciences, David Jacho-Chavez, Economics 
  • From the Humanities, Roger Nam, Religion 
  • From the Humanities and Social Sciences, Ju Zhang, Bioethics 

Outstanding Master’s Student Award:  

  • From the Social Sciences, Anne Jean-Baptiste, Development Practice 

 Outstanding Scholarly Research Award:  

  • From the Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, Cheng Liu, Anthropology 
  • From the Social Sciences, Robert Billups, History 
  • From the Natural Sciences, Yuesong Hu, Chemistry 

 Provost’s Distinguished Teaching Award:  

  • From the Natural Sciences, David Steinhauer,Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Immunology and Molecular Pathogenesis 

 Outstanding Director of Graduate Studies/Program Director Award:  

  • From the Social Sciences, Jessica Sales, Behavioral, Social and Health Education Sciences 
  • From the Natural Sciences, Mike Caudle, Environmental Health Sciences 
  • From the Humanities, Xochitl Marsilli Vargas, Hispanic Studies 

 Eleanor Main Student Mentor Award:  

  • From the Humanities, Ninon Vessier, French 

 Eleanor Main Faculty Award:  

  • From the Humanities, Valerie Loichot, French, Comparative Literature 

 Early Career Alumni Award:  

  • From the Natural Sciences, Samy Wu Fung, Mathematics 

 Outstanding LGS Staff Award:  

  • From the Office of the Dean, Tamika Hairston, Director of Enrollment and Record Processes 

 Outstanding Program Administrator Award:  

  • From the Natural Sciences, Terry Ingram, Mathematics 

 Distinguished Alumni Award:  

  • From the Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, Vijay Mittal, Psychology 

 Vulcan Teaching Excellence Award:  

  • From the Natural Sciences, Yang Liu, Environmental Health Sciences 


another winner and nominator

Congratulations to all of the winners!