Program Transfer

For information about transferring between programs, please consult the Laney Graduate School Handbook, Academic Affairs, section 1.3.2(D).  

  • Because the GDBBS is an interdisciplinary division of related programs, policies and mechanisms for moving between the GDBBS programs are found in the GDBBS handbook.  

Students who want to transfer from one degree program to another within the Laney Graduate School must complete and submit the Request for Program Transfer Form (posted at right).  This form must be signed by the DGSs of both the student's current program and of the student's intended new program.  The program transfer must also be approved by the Division director (if applicable) and by the Dean of the Laney Graduate School.

If you are considering transferring between programs, it is often best to have a conversation with the LGS Assistant Dean of Student Affairs early on in the process of deliberation.