Graduate School Courses (GRSC)

To encourage creative teaching that transcends current program divisions or envisions new domains of scholarship around which disciplinary boundaries have yet to be drawn, the Graduate School makes available two courses: Interdisciplinary Seminar and Graduate Works in Progress. Credit hours are variable (1–4), and credit should be determined by the contact hours and amount of outside research and reading required.

Faculty members who are interested in teaching one of these seminars must submit a complete proposal to the Executive Council for approval. Proposals must provide a course description and syllabus, a rationale for the integration of multiple disciplines, and a description the student populations who will be served. Courses that have a natural or obvious disciplinary home will not be approved. While the Executive Council will review the proposals on a rolling basis, proposals will need to be finally approved in time for the registrar's deadlines. Applicants should leave ample time for Executive Council review.

GRAD 700r, Interdisciplinary Seminar

Topics of the Interdisciplinary Seminar will engage a broad issue or emerging area of scholarship that is interesting to students in a variety of programs. The goal of the seminar will be to bring these different disciplinary perspectives and methods together in a way that provides a deeper understanding of the topic. At least two programs are expected to have students enrolled in the seminar. (Minimum enrollment 5, maximum 20.)

GRAD 750r, Graduate Works in Progress

This course will be a workshop or seminar where graduate students can share, discuss, and critically evaluate their current work in an interdisciplinary setting. Taught by a pair of instructors who represent different disciplinary or methodological perspectives, the instructors will moderate the discussion, provide advice and guidance on writing, research, and professional development related to students' projects. At least two programs are expected to have students enrolled in the seminar. (Minimum enrollment 5, maximum 10.)