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May 16-18, 2023



“Public Humanities and Experiential Education Course Development Workshop”

This workshop will stimulate course development to help students explore the social value of the humanities, particular disciplines, and/or field-specific work. We expect participants to teach these courses in future years for either of two curricular initiatives:

1) as graduate seminars that would serve as electives for a potential Graduate Certificate in Public Humanities; or

2) as courses bearing the Experience and Application (XA) tag for the revised General Education Requirements. Graduate seminars can include project-based learning or critical explorations of the social value of humanistic inquiry.

To meet XA guidelines, undergraduate course syllabi must contain an element of experience and application. The workshop will guide up to 8 faculty members and 8-10 graduate students in creating syllabi oriented toward or engaging Public Humanities.

Those interested in participating must submit their application by April 21. Please click here for the call for participants.