4+1 Bachelor/Master's Programs

Open only to Emory undergraduates, the Laney Graduate School offers several programs which bridge the undergraduate senior year with a fifth year of graduate study leading to a Master’s degree from the Laney Graduate School ("4+1" programs). 

The 4+1 B(A or S)/MA in Bioethics program is an innovative and interdisciplinary program is designed to prepare Emory College students (from any major) to identify, evaluate and respond to the social and ethical challenges that face medicine, biotechnology and the life sciences. Our curriculum incorporates discussion-intensive seminars, one-on-one faculty mentorship, research opportunities and a career-building practicum (e.g. at the CDC, GA State Legislature, or Atlanta Hospitals).  This varied curriculum provides our students with both a theoretical grounding in bioethics as well as hands-on experience of and supervision in the implementation of ethics projects. This dual degree will provide a competitive advantage to students interested in careers in healthcare, health law, research regulation or compliance, academia or normative areas of public health.

The 4+1 BS/MS in Cancer Biology and Translational Oncology is open to Emory undergraduate senior students with a strong background in science, 4+1 graduates will acquire broad knowledge of cancer biology, and a deep understanding of major questions in their chosen area of cancer research.  Students will work in an advisor’s laboratory, learn how to formulate and solve scientific questions through experiments, and defend a master’s thesis presenting their laboratory research findings. The 4+1 in CBTO is a springboard to a variety of careers in the biomedical sciences, medicine and beyond.

The 4+1 BS/MS in Computer Science degree encompasses acquisition of theoretical knowledge through the program’s successful comprehensive freestanding CS MS curriculum, development of problem solving skills through research projects, and hands-on job training through individual industrial internships either under the supervision of a professional in the computer science industry or one of the program’s own faculty members. The degree will develop the knowledge and skills of exceptional undergraduates and prepare students for advanced analysis and problem solving careers in computer science in private industry, academia, and government.

The 4+1 BA/MS in Economics program provides students with an education that combines economic reasoning with cutting-edge empirical methods and data analytics. A master’s degree can supplement undergraduate economics education by exposing students to more in-depth economic analysis which can open doors to many high-tech jobs as well as offering preparatory work for doctoral pursuit. Students will learn how to uncover patterns and analyze human behavior to support data-based decisions, improve productivity, and ultimately further understand the nature of the digital world.

The 4+1 BA/MS or BS/MS in Environmental Sciences program focuses on training the next generation of professionals to address the complex interactions between people and their environment with a goal of advancing ecosystem health, sustainable global development, and conservation.

The 4+1 BS/MS in Mathematics program for Emory undergraduates allows students to earn an MS degree by spending an additional fifth year at Emory. The program has two separate tracks in mathematics and applied mathematics.