Application Guidelines

Before Applying:

  • Review the program requirements.
  • Confirm your availability for the entire program (May 29-Aug 2, 2024).
  • Review these guidelines before you begin your application.


An unofficial transcript is acceptable.


  • Two-page maximum length.
  • You should include academic awards and honors, including honors projects, independent research experiences, publications and presentations, volunteer and extracurricular experience, internships and work experience, and membership in professional and academic organizations.

Statement of Purpose

  • Must be 500 words or less.
    • This can be ≈ 1 page single-spaced or ≈ 2 pages double-spaced.
  • You should explain how participation in this summer research program will advance your academic and career goals for attending graduate school.
    • Specifically, address how research fits into your goals.

Application Form

  • Academic, demographic, and contact information.
  • Research Experience: List relevant research experiences. Include the title of the project, your specific responsibilities and role, length of experience, supervisor, and location.

You will certify that you developed this proposal with your mentor’s input.

Letter of Support

You should ask for a letter of support from 1 faculty member who knows you well.

Provide information about the program to your recommender to ensure he/she/they understands the program’s schedule and commitments. Your recommender should write a strong, supportive letter highlighting your work ethic, research abilities (it applicable) academic background, and intended career path.


Before you submit the application, contact Dr. James to ensure that the faculty member you would like to work with is committed to the summer research program.

  • All nominations and applications, including supporting materials should be uploaded using SLATE.
  • This is the application start page.
  • Log in using your net ID and password –or– set up an account with SLATE first and then log in.

There is a drop-down box where you indicate the program to which you wish to apply. Make sure you choose the “Summer Undergrad Research Experience”, “Create Application” then “Open Application”.

Please read this PDF file with detailed instructions, including a couple of screenshots, to help you navigate the application.