Finding a Mentor

We encourage you to browse departmental websites to look up faculty and their current research projects. Find links to various departments below (this list is not all-encompassing):

Advice When Searching for Research Mentors

(1) Research the Possibilities

What areas of research interest you? You likely have a few topics that truly catch your attention. Use the resources above, the library, and the web to seek additional information.

(2) Narrow down Your Search

Once you have some likely mentors in mind, please contact Dr. James.  In the email to Dr. James please rank your list.

(3) Get to Work!

Remember: applications are due in January. Identifying a faculty mentor will take time, and you will be busy and it will winter recess; so plan in advance.

(4) Finally

Before you submit the application, contact Dr. James to ensure that the faculty member you would like to work with is committed to the summer research program.