New Student Information

Congratulations and welcome to Laney Graduate School (LGS)

Information on this page may update frequently between now and the start of classes. Check in weekly and get familiar with the LGS website. 

Things to do NOW: 

  1. Plan activities around the Fall Pre-Term dates. 
  2. Complete the Fall Pre-Term Checklist (below). 

We look forward to seeing you in August!

  • New student activities will start August 15.
    • Activities will include an all-student orientation and several other activities required of all or some new students.
    • Program orientation activities may include in-person activities, scheduled during the same time period.
  • Classes start on August 24.

 Access the list of events here!

Emory provides a supportive community environment. To enrich and enhance your graduate experience, please see our Student Support Resources page.

Resources commonly sought by new students include: