Official Transcripts

Submit Official Transcripts by August 1

As a new student at the Laney Graduate School, you need to submit official transcripts to verify the educational credentials on your application for admission. Please take a moment to read the information below. If you still have questions, we’ll be glad to answer them.

Note: If you are a new student in Biomedical Engineering, then you need to submit transcripts to Georgia Tech only.  Those transcripts will then be shared with Emory.  You do not need to submit separately Emory.

What to Submit

Submit final, official transcripts that reflect all post-secondary education and degrees you have obtained prior to enrolling at Emory. Each item you listed on your application as an educational background needs to be supported by a final, official transcript.

  • Official transcripts come to us directly from the educational institution that issues them. Most commonly, the transcripts are emailed or mailed directly from the educational institution to us. Sometimes, students submit envelopes that were sealed by the educational institution and have not been opened.
  • All post-secondary education will include a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, as well as post-baccalaureate degrees and other coursework not undertaken for a degree.
  • Final transcripts means transcripts issued after all courses and degrees were completed.  

Where to Submit

Electronic Transcripts

We will accept official transcripts emailed to LGSTRAN@EMORY.EDU.

Paper Transcripts

Transcripts should be mailed to this address: Laney Graduate School, Emory University  | 209 Administration Building, Mailstop 1000-001-1AF  |  201 Dowman Drive Atlanta, GA 30322

Mail will reach us faster if the address includes the mailstop information.

In-Person Transcripts

If you plan to submit official transcripts in person, visit our office in 209 Administration Building (on 201 Dowman Drive). Remember that you must bring transcripts in unopened, sealed envelopes from the educational institution that issued them.  

When to Submit

Your official transcripts need to reach us by August 1.

Do not submit your official transcripts until all the degrees you will earn before you enroll at Emory are completed. Your transcripts need to verify that you completed those degrees, so if you submit them too early you will need to submit them again.

Electronic transcripts with expiration dates should not be submitted prior to May 1. Prior to this date the admissions office is still processing acceptances and other items, and it is possible your documents will expire before we are able to process them.

Please do not contact us just to confirm that we received your transcripts. Routine emails will be sent prior to the August 1 deadline for incoming students on the status of their transcript submission(s). If we are still missing transcripts after the deadline to submit and an extension has not been filed, you will be unable to register for classes.

What We Do with Your Transcript

When we receive your official transcript, we verify the educational record you claimed in your application.  If your official transcript is different from the unofficial one you submitted with your application, we also scan it.  After this verification is complete, we destroy the paper copies of official transcripts. We no longer keep student records on paper, and that includes transcripts.

If you have only one official transcript, as happens at some international institutions, then do not send it to us: when we have inspected and scanned it, it will be destroyed.  Instead, make a copy of the one transcript, and have it certified by an official at the institution as a "certified true copy," and then send us the certified copy.  We will not accept uncertified copies.  

Common Questions/Issues

Uploaded Transcripts

The transcripts you uploaded with your application are not official, because they did not come to us directly from the educational institutions or in sealed envelopes. Submit official transcripts to verify the uploaded versions.

Non-English Transcripts

Transcripts that are not in English need to be accompanied by notarized translations.

Transcripts from International Institutions

At U.S. institutions and in many other parts of the world, the transcript is the standard document to verify attendance, courses and grades, and degrees granted.  Since it is a standard document it is generally easy to obtain in official versions.  If you have a degree from an institution where this is not the standard document and it is very difficult to obtain, you may want to contact us about how to meet the official transcript requirement.  

Credential Evaluations

If, as part of your application, you requested a credential evaluation report from Educational Perspectives, or had an official report sent to your program from another service, then that report will count as your official transcript.

Credits from Exchange or Study Abroad

If you took some courses at a university as part of an exchange, like a study abroad program, and those course credits are reflected on the transcript that includes your degree, then you do not need to submit a separate transcript from the university where you studied as part of an exchange. If you listed that exchange experience as a separate educational experience on your application, you may need to explain to us that the credits are included in another official transcript.

Already Submitted Official Transcripts

If you are contacted by Laney Graduate School or your program for a missing transcript and you think you already submitted an official transcript, please let us know right away, so we can sort out any problems.