TATTO 600 is the Laney Graduate School’s foundational training in pedagogy for all new Teaching Assistants. It is a short, one-unit course offered in late summer, before the fall semester begins. It should be taken immediately prior to a student’s first teaching experience.

The course covers topics such as academic integrity and Emory’s Honor Code, inclusive pedagogy, managing conflict in the classroom, designing effective lesson plans, accessibility, and online teaching and learning. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to design, deliver, and assess a short lesson plan alongside a group of their peers under the guidance of experienced teachers.

The course is in a hybrid format: students complete asynchronous work beginning in early August and engage in two days of in-person workshops the week before the start of fall classes. In 2024, the in-person components of TATTO 600 are projected to take place on August 22-23.* The in-person modules do not have remote alternatives; students who cannot attend the in-person modules must wait until the next fall term to complete TATTO 600. You must attend all asynchronous and in-person components to complete TATTO 600.

The asynchronous components of the course will open on Canvas on August 5 and must be completed prior to the in-person sessions. 

*For BME students only: The in-person components of TATTO 600 for BME will take place on August 14 due to Georgia Tech's earlier fall term start date.