Professional Development Support Funds

PDS Travel Update

All students should refer to the Laney Graduate School International Travel Policy that is available herePDS applications that involve international travel will only be reviewed after the student has completed the International Travel Permission Form. Proposed domestic travel does not require a separate approval process beyond the standard PDS application. Note: CDC recommends delaying domestic travel until you are fully vaccinated and boosted.

Please refer to the Emory Forward website for the most up-to-date university guidelines and resources.

PDS January 2022 Update

QUESTION: What if I have received a PDS award to travel, and my activity (conference, training, or research) has been cancelled or moved to a virtual format?    

ANSWER: We understand that during the months of January and February 2022 students may experience meeting cancellations/changes in format and have received a PDS award to attend these activities. In such circumstances, students should first make a good-faith effort to recover expenses through meeting organizers, airlines, travel agencies, hotels, etc. They should save all documentation related to these efforts because they will need to include them for reimbursement. Students who were not otherwise able to recover such expenses in January and February 2022 will be reimbursed through the normal PDS process. We are also working to ensure that non-recoverable expenses incurred because of cancellations/changes in format during this period should not count toward students’ PDS limits.

At the Laney Graduate School, we support and encourage students who need to acquire specialized research skills by traveling to other locations, and who seek to present their research at significant professional conferences.  One way we do this is through the Professional Development Support Funds program, or PDS.

PDS Handbook

The PDS Handbook is your essential guide to PDS procedures and policies. 

Download PDS Handbook

PDS funds are designated for LGS doctoral students and are allocated in three separate categories: Training, Research, and Conferences.

Broadly speaking, PDS funds are important on two fronts:

  1. Helping students prepare to apply for funding from external agencies; and
  2. Helping students acquire training pertinent to their degree not offered at Emory, conduct research for their dissertations and research projects, and network and present at conferences.

Students are eligible for $2,500 in the three categories of training, research, and conferences. Funds are not guaranteed, but are subject to application and review. Additionally, for training and research, students may also apply for more than the $2,500 through a competitive process that, like many grants and fellowships, involves committee review.