Graduate Fellowships

A graduate student holding a pipette and smiling in a laboratory

Graduate students are vital members of Emory’s intellectual community, and their energy and dedication help keep the University vibrant. Through partnerships with schools and programs across campus—and with organizations in the larger community—the Laney Graduate School offers fellowships that engage students in collaborative research and public scholarship. In the biological and biomedical sciences, fellowships support scholars researching everything from the evolution of diseases to the body’s mechanisms for processing nutrients. The Office of University and Community Partnerships provides fellowships for students to conduct research that  helps local agencies tackle issues such as affordable housing and community development.

Recruiting the best graduate students is as important—and competitive—as recruiting the best faculty. Your support will enable the school to fund 25 additional graduate fellowships. This critical resource will help the Laney Graduate School attract the brightest minds in higher education, students who will challenge the University’s faculty and help push inquiry into new areas of scholarship.

Support Graduate Fellowships

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