Academic Progress

Frequently Asked Questions

All meetings, including exams, committee meetings, and defenses, should be conducted remotely.

Approval forms should be submitted electronically and may use scanned signatures of committee members.

Emory Zoom is recommended and useful for the practices above. Emory’s Teaching and Learning Technologies provides workshops, practice sessions, and instruction videos.

Send questions about defenses and exams to Ulf Nilsson at

Deadlines to reach candidacy remain the same.

If you encounter challenges, please be in contact with your program to discuss alternatives or email Mackenzie Bristow, Interim Associate Dean of Student Affairs at

LGS doctoral students must have attended four JPE 610 sessions in order to graduate. Due to the coronavirus situation, all upcoming JPE 610 sessions have been canceled through the end of the semester. If you are planning to graduate in May 2020 and have not yet met your JPE 610 requirement, please contact Rob Pearson ( as soon as possible.

Students may request to change the grading basis of one, some, or all of their courses through April 10. We provide this added flexibility in recognition of the change to remote education. Students are encouraged to discuss this decision with their advisors, especially when considering this change for a required course. Please make requests using this form: LGS Student Request to Change Grading Basis to S/U. Log-in requires Emory credentials. 

Yes. The new deadline is April 17.  It is reflected in the timeline and information on our Degree Completion page.