Laney EDGE Virtual Programming for 2020-2021

Each year, Laney EDGE strives to promote diversity and a community of inclusiveness by offering social and cultural programming where students of diverse backgrounds feel welcome and respected. Due to the impact of COVID-19, Laney EDGE will transition its fall events to a virtual format.

Inaugural Virtual Research Symposium on Racial Disparities, Racial Inequities, and Injustice

The Inaugural Virtual Research Symposium on Racial Disparities, Racial Inequities, and Injustice, a student-driven experience, showcases LGS students conducting research related to racial disparities, injustice, and/or social inequalities. This virtual symposium will feature students from a wide array of disciplines presenting 10-minute "speed talks".

Students interested in participating must submit an abstract. Accepted abstracts must contain:

  • At least two authors in the author block
  • Hypothesis or statement about the problem under investigation
  • Statement of the methods/methodology used
  • Essential results provided in summary form (even if preliminary)
  • Conclusion

Abstracts missing any of the items above will be rejected.

Abstract Rules:

  • You must obtain permission from your research mentors, co-authors, and program directors before submitting an abstract.
  • If you are working in the same lab/group as another abstract submitter, you must independently submit original abstracts.
  • Abstracts must be written by you and reviewed/edited by you and your mentor.
  • The character limit of the abstract is 2,500 (not including spaces)

Submit your abstract here.

LGS scholars who present their research during the Symposium are eligible to receive JPE 610 credit.

2020 Application Timeline

Sept 22-October 5: Committee reviews abstracts

October 6: Participants are notified of their selection/denial

October 9: Selected participants must accept or deny offer

November 6:  Annual Virtual Research Symposium on Racial Disparities, Racial Inequities, and Injustice

Guided Conversations on Race and Difference at Emory

Laney EDGE believes that diversity enriches the educational experience and prepares scholars for work and life in a global society. As a result, we are now offering LGS scholars an enriching experience to foster a community that cares about difference and values diversity, equity, and inclusion. Conversations on Race and Difference is an asynchronous and synchronous activity on Microsoft Teams. The guided conversation has 5 modules, with each module having multiple sessions on different days and times to ensure engagement no matter your personal schedule.  

We hope, by the end of these guided conversations, you understand that you are in a diverse community and that the identities you hold have an impact on how you experience this place. We will share the myriad of ways that Emory has responded to some of the most pressing issues of our time through offices with dedicated support staff, academic resources, and opportunities to learn with top scholars who think about issues of difference. Most importantly, we hope you know that you belong at Emory and how you can be an active member of this wonderful community. Sign-up here.

LGS scholars who attend all five modules are eligible to receive JPE 610 credit




Examine the diversity profile of LGS & Emory

Identify why diversity matters for their education & Emory’s institutional DEI values.


Highlight some of Emory’s institutional responses to oppressive structures


Provide a student perspective on how their own identities shaped their identities at Emory & ways that they have found community & belonging


Situate the current historical moment & the importance of Atlanta as a hub of the civil rights movement


Next Steps for LGS, Emory & the Academic Community as a whole

Mentoring Matters

Many times, we think about mentoring in reference to the most traditional academic definitions; however, mentoring is a collaborative learning relationship that is not restricted to the classroom or laboratory. Especially during these times, mentoring is being utilized as a means to stay connected, get involved, and feel community. Therefore, LGS EDGE along with units within Campus Life are partnering to facilitate two different student-to-student mentoring initiatives.

EDGE Virtual Calendar






8 am-6 pm

Learning about Laney: A Virtual Preview Visitation

Promising, highly qualified, prospective doctoral scholars from diverse backgrounds and experiences to explore 40+ programs offered at Emory.



Laney EDGE Seminar: A User’s Guide to Understanding Pronouns

Beginner’s guide to understanding the use of pronouns.

Speaker: Megan Pendleton, Assistant Director, Office of LGBT Life


Launch of EDGE Microsoft Teams Affinity Groups

Establishing an e-community for BIPOC and HUGS

A Celebratory Announcement of Laney EDGE Fellowship Recipients

Launch of a video collage announcing Laney EDGE Fellowship Recipients, including 2020-2021 EDGE Fellow and Ambassadors, Centennial Scholars, WiNS Fellows, and the Kharen Fulton



Laney EDGE Seminar: A User’s Guide to Understanding Pronouns, Part 2

Intermediate guide to understanding the use of pronouns.

Speaker: Danielle Bruce-Steele, Director, Office of LGBT Life


10-2 pm

Annual Virtual Research Symposium on Racial Disparities, Racial Inequities, and Injustice

Symposium presenting the research of diverse LGS Scholars