JPE 600

JPE 600 Course

JPE 600 is the Laney Graduate School’s core seminar in scholarly integrity for new doctoral students that takes place each August and is geared for all entering doctoral students. Some PhD programs may enroll students later in their degree program: please check with your own graduate program administrator regarding their enrollment policy for this course.

The course is in a hybrid format: students must complete asynchronous work beginning in early August and engage in a one-day of Zoom and in-person sessions (this will take place on one day during the week before the start of classes). In 2024, the in-person components of JPE 600 are projected to take place on August 16. The in-person modules do not have remote alternatives and the asynchronous modules must be completed by their specific due dates. Students who cannot attend the live modules must wait until the next fall term to complete JPE 600. There will be no exceptions made to this policy and last-minute absences from any module or any incompletes will result in removal from the course.

Please check back in late Spring 2024 for updated information and exact dates. We plan for a more detailed schedule and full course information to be provided to enrolled students via Canvas on August 5.

Please note: If you have lab or other work responsibilities on this date, please be sure to inform your mentor or supervisor that you are enrolled in JPE 600 for the entire day. You must be available to attend the course the entire day (Zoom and in-person) to complete JPE 600.

JPE 600 course will begin officially on August 5, 2024 where students can access the asynchronous Modules. The live/in-person Modules for JPE 600 are scheduled to take place on August 16, 2024 (9am to 4pm), and therefore, enrolled students must plan to be in Atlanta by this date.

Enrolled students should visit to access JPE 600 (full course will be available starting 10AM on August 5, 2024). If you are not enrolled in JPE 600 and you believe you should be, contact your Graduate Program Administrator immediately (list of program administrators is available here). It is possible that if your program does not enroll you in time, you may have to wait until next Fall to complete JPE 600. If you are enrolled and you have already completed JPE 600, contact your Graduate Program Administrator immediately and ask that you be removed from the course. This is also the case if you are unable to be in Atlanta by August 16. JPE 600 is required for all PhD programs so students who cannot complete the course this year must ensure they are enrolled next year. Please note that JPE 600 is not the same as JPE 610.

Enrolled students: Please ensure that your Canvas notification settings are set to ensure that you receive all communications about the course in your email inbox. You can enable this feature by visiting the “Account” button at the top-left of your Canvas page and clicking “Notifications,” where you should make sure that the checkmark next to “Announcements” is set to notify you over email. Furthermore, please ensure your email client is set to accept messages from, which is the address from which Canvas notifications will be sent to you over email.

Please note: All communication regarding this course and assignments will be through Canvas; it the responsibility of all enrolled students to check Canvas on a regular basis to make sure they have completed all Modules exactly as indicated. There are no partial credits for JPE 600; students who do not complete all of the modules may have to wait until next Fall to complete JPE 600 in its entirety. There are no remote alternatives for modules that are taking place on-campus. Due to the one-day nature of the live Modules, any last minute absences may not be excused and the student will have to wait until next year enroll in JPE 600.