PDS Forms and Application

Read this before you begin your PDS application.

1. Complete the Appropriate PDS Forms

The forms are posted to the right. 

2. Submit an Online PDS Application

In addition to the completed forms, you'll need some additional information.  The Handbook provides guidance.  

PDS Handbook

The PDS Handbook is your essential guide to PDS procedures and policies. 

Download PDS Handbook

Once the forms have been completed, and you have the information you need, submit your PDS applications and required uploads through ApplyWeb — the link is below.

  • ApplyWeb is the same system we use for our application for admission.  If you applied to Emory through the ApplyWeb system, the account you created for that purpose will work for PDS applications as well.
  • If you have never created an ApplyWeb account, then you will need to do so now in order to apply for PDS funds. Click on "Create Account" when you enter the application system from the link below.
  • You may need to adjust your Emory email settings to allow emails from ApplyWeb. See the information at right for instructions.